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Genezio User Documentation

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Getting Started

This is a short onboarding that gets you started with genezio.
This is a short tutorial on how to install genezio on your machine
Deploy the first project you created on the genezio infrastructure.
This is a guide on how to test your project locally.

Project Structure

Complete documentation on JSON-RPC methods.
Complete documentation on HTTP methods.
Complete documentation on CRON methods.
Complete documentation with examples of how you can configure your project.

CLI Tool

Get to know the genezio CLI tool.
Complete documentation about all genezio CLI commands.

Frontend Deployment

Genezio's frontend deployment offers a simple and cost-effective way to host and serve static websites.
With genezio, you can use custom domains, allowing you to customize the root of your website's URL.

Test Interface

You can use the Genezio Test Interface for testing your backend code in a friendly and easy-to-use graphic environment.
You can quickly test your project using the Genezio Test Interface without deploying it to the cloud.


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