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CLI Commands



Available Commands

If you want to learn more about each genezio CLI command in your local environment, use genezio helpor genezio [command] help.
Note: All the commands available in the genezio CLI are listed on this page. For detailed information about each of them, please go to their designated page.
genezio help / genezio <command> --help
Displays help for the CLI tool.
genezio init
Initializes a new project and prepares your project for deploying with genezio. Learn more
genezio login <access-token>
Authenticates with genezio platform to deploy your code. Learn more
genezio addClass <class-path> [<class-type>]
Adds a new class to the 'genezio.yaml' file. Learn m
genezio local --port <port>
Runs a local environment with your project for testing purposes. Learn more
genezio deploy
Deploys your project to the genezio infrastructure. Learn more
genezio deploy --frontend
Only deploys the frontend of your project to the genezio infrastructure.
genezio deploy --backend
Only deploys the backend of your project to the genezio infrastructure.
genezio generateSdk
Generates an SDK corresponding to a deployed project. Learn more
genezio ls [<identifier>]
Displays details of your projects. You can view them all at once or display a particular one by providing its name or ID. Learn more
genezio delete [<project-id>]
Deletes the project described by the provided ID. If no ID is provided, lists all the projects and IDs. Learn more
genezio account
Display information about the current account logged in. Learn more
genezio logout
Logout from genezio platform. Learn more
npm update genezio -g
Install the latest version of genezio. Learn more