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Test your project locally

Test the backend side

You can test your code locally by running this command in the project's root directory:
genezio local
The output of the command should look like this:
$ genezio local
Server listening on port 8083
Your code was deployed and the SDK was successfully generated!
Test your code at
This command will spawn a local server on a random port that can be used for testing and will also generate an SDK to be able to call the backend methods from the frontend code. The SDK is built as a local npm library. To use it, while the local server is running, run this command in you client project:
npm link @genezio-sdk/{your-project-name}_{your-project-region}
If you just want to test your genezio code without having to write any code in your client, head over to the output link to test your project in the Genezio Test Interface:
You can use the Genezio Test Interface to test your projects locally, as well as remotely. Find more details about it at Test Interface.

Test end-to-end

To test the only the frontend locally, you can run the command below in the client directory:
npm start
If you want to test your project locally end-to-end, open two terminals,
genezio local
npm run install-dev-sdk
npm start