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Dart - experimental

The main unit of deployment in Dart is a class. The methods of your class can be called using the following ways:
Below we can see a basic example of a Dart class deployed using genezio.
// ./lib/helloWorldService.dart
class HelloWorldService {
String hello() async {
return "hello";
String helloWithParams(String name, String from, Season value) {
const message = `Hello, ${name}, from ${from} during this ${value}`;
return message

Supported types

The following types are supported natively in genezio as method parameters or return types:
  • int
  • double
  • String
  • bool
  • Map
  • List
  • Classes
  • Enums
You can also define your own custom types/classes. To use a class as a method parameter or as a return type, it has to implement the toJson and fromJson methods.
// ./lib/helloWorldService.dart
class Person {
String firstName;
String lastName;
factory Person.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json) {
return Person(
json['firstName'] as String,
json['lastName'] as String,
Map<String, dynamic> toJson() {
return <String, dynamic>{
'firstName': this.firstName,
'lastName': this.lastName,
// Class deployed on genezio
class HelloWorldService {
String hello() async {
return "hello";
String helloToPerson(Person p) {
const message = `Hello, ${p.firstName} ${p.lastName}`;
return message
One way to implement these methods automatically is to use json_serializable code generator. You can check out this detailed explanation on how to use it.
We currently don't support importing classes and enums from other files. If you want to use a custom type as method's parameter or return type, it has to be declared in the same file.

Genezio configuration file

To deploy the classes using genezio, you also need a genezio.yaml file. Below we see an example of such a configuration file.
# genezio.yaml
name: hello-world
region: us-east-1
language: dart
options: {}
path: ../client/lib/sdk
- path: ./lib/helloWorldService.dart
name: "HelloWorldService"
type: jsonrpc
methods: []
An important aspect is in the classes array: here you have to put all your Dart classes you want to deploy. The name property identifies which class is the one that you want to deploy.
The Dart language does not have a cross-compiler. This means that the dart code won't be compiled on your computer. It will be compiled on the genezio infrastructure.