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Local Testing

Local Testing using the Genezio Test Interface is NOT available on Safari
You can quickly test your project using the Genezio Test Interface without deploying it to the cloud. After you run the genezio local command (learn more about it from Local), follow the link provided to you in your prompt or manually go to
You should see a green label indicating that your connection to the local server was successful. After that, you can test your functions as you would for a remote environment.
Make sure to refresh the Test Interface after you make changes in your code that make your local server reload to avoid unpredictable behavior
Local Testing
Genezio Test Interface Local
Sometimes, you may see a red error message at the top instead of the green Success label. Most likely that means your local server is running on a different port.
Connection Failed
Genezio Test Interface connection Failed
To establish the connection, verify on which port your server is running and fill that port in the provided input, the click Connect (or press Enter).
Different port
Connect to a different port