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Remote Testing

You can use the Genezio Test Interface for testing your backend code in a friendly and easy-to-use graphic environment before actually integrating the functions in your client application. To test an already-deployed project, log into your account for the Genezio Web App. Select the project that you want to test (if you have no deployed projects, check out Start a new project and/or Broken link)
On the selected project's page, you will see a list of its classes and two action buttons for deleting the project and testing. The Test Project button will redirect you to the Genezio Test Interface, already prepared for testing the selected project.
Project Page
Genezio Web App Project Page
Genezio Test Interface
Genezio Test Interface
Once you landed on the Genezio Test Interface, you can select any function you want, fill out the parameter fields and send the request. You will see the response in the lower part of the right card (more details about the overall functionality of the Test Interface can be found in GUI Overview)